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Log Cabin Quilt Block Patterns

One of the reasons I like the Log Cabin quilt block so much is the variety of overall designs you can create with just the one block. In the Spring of 1995 I made 24 red and green Log Cabin blocks and then wanted to see how they looked in various patterns. At the time I worked in an office which had five foot tall cubicle walls, so one Sunday hubby and I went to work. We pinned up blocks in a pattern, took a photo, and rearranged the blocks - over and over and over. Note that the text beside each image is not the proper name for the pattern, just a description I made up for the pattern. There are other patterns, these are all the different ones we made that day. The patterns I really liked are marked with (+) and the ones I don't particularly care for are marked with (-). No notation means I am ambivalent.

diagonal rows chevrons marching right
split diagonal rows (-) chevrons marching up
bull's eye (+) multiple chevrons marching right
target (+) multiple chevrons marching up
six bull's eyes (+) flying geese all one way
three bull's eyes (+) flying geese up and down (+)
all the blocks the same way swirl
geese flying  to the center (-) geese flying to the center with different border (-)
bow ties (+) (except for the mistake towards the lower right corner)  


Photos by Rajordan

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