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2nd Lt. Lloyd Herbert "Pete" Hughes, Jr.
(12 Jul 1921 - 1 Aug 1943)

Commemoration and Unveiling

Saturday February 27, 1993
Sam Houston Sanders
Corps of Cadets Center

The Medal

The Medal of Honor is the one award which all patriotic Americans respect and honor. Like the American flag it represents freedom and the price that was paid for it. Being the highest military award given for bravery, it touches the heart of all who view it.

The Recipients

Seven Proud Aggies displayed the strength, courage, dedication and fighting spirit necessary to receive this nation's highest honor for bravery during WWII. Their total disregard for personal safety in lieu of accomplishing their mission is a daily lesson to all Aggies who follow in their footsteps.

The Bas Reliefs

The portraits of the seven medal of Honor recipients of WWII are executed in bronze bas relief. In addition to numerous photographs, live models dressed in authentic uniforms and brass of the period were used to capture the likeness of each individual during the sculpting process. The same clay used to create the life size bronze of Lawrence Sullivan Ross was used to sculpt these bas reliefs.

Medal of Honor Commemoration and Unveiling

Sam Houston Sanders Corps of Cadets Center

27 February 1993
(3:15 P.M.)

Opening Remarks - Major General Thomas G. Darling

Invocation - Cadet LTC Robert T. Dean

Introductions - Major General Thomas G. Darling

History of the Medal of Honor - Cadet Major Patrick R. Seiber

Speaker - Colonel James R. Woodall

Unveiling - Corps Center Guard

Response - Mr. Larry M. Ludtke

Closing Remarks - Major General Thomas G. Darling


Texas A&M University
Medal of Honor Recipients

Lt. Lloyd H. Hughes '43
Awarded 1 August 1943

Lt. Thomas W. Fowler '43
Awarded 23 May 1944

Sgt. George D. Keathley '37
Awarded 14 September 1944

Maj. Horace S. Carswell, Jr. '38
Awarded 26 October 1944

Lt. Turney W. Leonard '42
Awarded 4-6 November 1944

Lt. Eli L. Whiteley '41
Awarded 27 December 1944

Sgt. William G. Harrell '43
Awarded 3 March 1945


Notes: Thanks to James R. Woodall for sending me this "Medal of Honor - Commemoration and Unveiling" program.

Source: personal papers and photos provided by James R. Woodall, Colonel, U.S. Army (Retired).

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