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2nd Lt. Lloyd Herbert "Pete" Hughes, Jr.
(12 Jul 1921 - 1 Aug 1943)

Date Set for Awarding Hughes’ Medal of Honor - Late Corpus Christi Man’s Wife to Receive Token Tuesday

The Medal of Honor is to be posthumously awarded to Second Lt. Lloyd H. (Pete) Hughes, 22, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Jordan, 1113 Sixth Street, who lost his life Aug. 1, 1943, when he flew a bomber in the Ploesti, Romania oil field raid, in a ceremony Tuesday afternoon at Kelly Army Air Field, San Antonio.

The medal will be presented the flier’s wife, Mrs. Hazel Dean Hughes of San Antonio, and the ceremony will be witnessed by his mother, stepfather, stepbrothers [sic - half brothers], John, Bill and Paul Jordan; his grandmother, Mrs. S. M. Rainey; and an aunt, Mrs. A. D. Corgey, all of Corpus Christi. Another stepbrother [sic - half brother] of the late pilot, James Jordan, is serving overseas with the Army ground forces.

Nine other crew members perished [sic - see below] with Hughes and two were taken prisoners of war. They have all previously been awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for their role in the raid.

The Corpus Christian entered the Army as a flying cadet in 1942. He was born July 12, 1921 at Alexandria, La., and attended Texas A&M College. A citation issued by the War Department for Hughes reveals his plane’s bomb load was dropped with great precision, and the craft received several direct hits from both large and small caliber anti-aircraft guns causing him to crash in a forced landing with his plane ablaze.


  • Pete had four half brothers, i.e., they all had the same mother. He had no stepbrothers.

  • There were ten crew members: Six died in the crash, two died of their wounds within days and two survived to become prisoners of war.


  • Pete's wife - Hazel Dean EWING Hughes

  • Pete's mother - Mildred Mae RAINEY Hughes Jordan - See Pete's genealogy.

  • Pete's stepfather - John Raymond JORDAN, Sr

  • Pete's half brother, John - John Raymond JORDAN, Jr

  • Pete's half brother, Bill - William Curtis JORDAN

  • Pete's half brother, Paul - Paul Nelson JORDAN

  • Pete's grandmother, Mrs. S. M. Rainey - Emily Elizabeth JOSSERAND Rainey (married Stephen Marion RAINEY)

  • Pete's aunt, Mrs. A. D. Corgey - Edna Louis RAINEY Corgey (married Andrew Douglas CORGEY)

  • Pete's half brother, James - James Marion JORDAN

  • Pete also received the Purple Heart

Source: Personal papers. Newspaper article from an unknown source. It is probably from a Corpus Christi newspaper. It is dated Saturday, 15 Apr 1944 and states that the award ceremony would be on Tuesday which would be 18 Apr 1944. Also see newspaper article dated 19 Apr 1944.

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