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2nd Lt. Lloyd Herbert "Pete" Hughes, Jr.
(12 Jul 1921 - 1 Aug 1943)

Ronald Lee Helder's Letter to Home

                                       July 31st, 1943
                               564th Sqdn - 389th Group,
                               A.P.O 634 - NY - NY

Dear Folks:

                A few more fairly uneventful days have passed
by. We have a few improvements in living conditions since my
last letter - having finally finished the Officers Mess
building and finished the floor in our tent.

                Tomorrow (Sunday) will be a full day for us.
The big shots around here say they are going to make us work
on the Sabbath and really do humanity a good turn. Turn back
your calendar and take a look at August 1st.

                We finally named our plane "Ole Kickapoo"
becuase [sic] we couldn't agree on a name for it. We have four bombs
painted on it to designate raids and 4 to designate fighters
shot down. Our crew is classified in the best three of our
squadron - pretty nifty.

                We bought a chicken today and plan on having
a chicken dinner tomorrow night.

                We really have fun swimming in the Mediterrean [sic].
This sea is like a crystal clear like - even flying over it you
can practically see the bottom at all times. No subs would hide
for long in it.

                I'm getting a deep enough tan to pass as an
Indian, but have my hair cut like a "Heinie," so I think I can fool
anyone anyplace; all I have to do now is grow an English.

                               Till next time


Note: My thanks to Brad Helder for permission to publish this letter.

Source: Transcript of 2nd Lt. Ronald Lee Helder’s letter to his parents dated 31 Jul 1943.

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