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2nd Lt. Lloyd Herbert "Pete" Hughes, Jr.
(12 Jul 1921 - 1 Aug 1943)

Bank of England Ten Shillings Note

Across the top margin:
Ronald L. Helder - Co-pilot
(on Hughes' crew)
Across the bottom margin:
John A. McLoughlin - Bombardier
(on Hughes' crew)
Up the left side margin:
Sidney A. Pear - Navigator
(on Hughes' crew)
Down from the right side margin:
Lloyd H. Hughes - Pilot
(of "Ole Kickapoo")
David R. Wilhite (Pilot)
Robert R. Bird
(Ball Turret Gunner on Fowble's crew)
Donald A. Buck
(staff officer)
Philip Ardery
(Pilot and author of Bomber Pilot: A Memoir of World War II)
Edward L. Fowble
Forest Phifer
(Bombardier on Fowble's crew)
Herbert Solomon
(Navigator on Fowble's crew)
Samuel E. Blessing
(Co-pilot on Walsh's crew)
H. Ben Walsh
A. J. Rodemeyer
(Alfred J. Rodemeyer, Pilot)
J. T. Blackis
(John T. Blackis - Pilot)
L. E. West
(Lloyd E. West - Co-pilot on Ellis' crew)
W. G. Ivison
(William G. Ivison - Navigator on Ellis' crew)
J. A. Thompson
(James A. Thompson - Bombardier on Ellis' crew)
C. V. Fergusaon
(Clay V. Ferguson - Navigator on Neef's crew)
A. J. Lemke (Adelbert J. Lemke - Navigator on Smith's crew)
Down the left side:
L. R. McBrian
(Leo R. McBrian - Bombardier on Walsh's crew)
Lt. R. L. Wright (Robert Lee Wright - Pilot)
Lt. John A. McSween (Bombardier on Wright's crew)
Lt. James H. McClain
(Navigator on Wright's crew)
Lt. F. E. Sayre (Fred E. Sayre - Co-pilot on Wright's crew)
Capt. Frank W. Ellis (Pilot)
Lt. Richard Coleman (Bombardier on Smith's crew)
Lt. F. B. McLaughlin (Frank B. McLaughlin - Pilot of "Ole Irish")
Eldon N. Colby (Co-pilot and Pilot)
Leon Klinghoffer (Navigator on Tolleson's crew)
Marvin Mosco (Bombardier on McCormick's crew)

In the center area:
To Mrs. Lloyd H. Hughes wife of Lt. Lloyd H Hughes


Please contact me if you think I have transcribed the signatures incorrectly. They are certainly hard to read and I don't recognize the names. My thanks go to Chris for the first transcription and Rahgoomungo and Kelsey for additional notes.

Information from Chris: "This is a who’s who of the 389th Bomb Group and 564th Bomb Group.... All of these names are of officers and most are pilots and co-pilots."

"A note: The practice of having friends and crew members sign paper money from the various countries the Army Air Forces visited was common at the time. These would be used to determine who would buy the first round of drinks at the club sometimes too. The shortest roll of signed currency would buy the first round."

Many thanks to the EWING family  for keeping this bit of history and to Tommy and Sharon for sharing it with me and donating it to the Corps of Cadets Center.

Sources: Ten Shillings from the EWING family papers and transcription from Chris

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