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Myla BAKER aka Elmira Myla BAKER
(17 Sep 1872 - 29 Mar 1950)

I had no idea who Myla BAKER was until a couple of members of the BAKER family emailed me after finding or being told about Myla BAKER's Passport web page. Tidbits from BAKER family members included:

  • Myla never married nor did she ever have children.
  • T. B. BAKER was Myla BAKER's brother.
  • Earl BAKER was a Myla BAKER's nephew.
  • These three BAKERs were in the hotel business in Texas.
  • There was an extended family litigation in the 1940s about the ownership of the hotels which ended up Texas Supreme Court.
  • Earl BAKER gained control of the Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells and the Gunter Hotel in San Antonio.
  • T. B. BAKER and Myla BAKER kept and operated the St. Anthony Hotel in San Antonio and the Baker Hotel in Dallas.

At one point, I looked for more information about these Bakers, but could not find much. In 2008, with more online resources, I started researching them again. Below is the information I found.

Myla BAKER's full name was probably Elmira Myla BAKER, but the 1896 Kansas Census was the last time that that name was used. (Source: Census Records)

Her parents were William A. BAKER and Luranah GRAYSON. (Source: Find A Grave memorials)

Myla BAKER was born in Washington, Washington County, Iowa, USA.  (Sources: 1928 U.S. Passport and Texas Death Certificate)

Myla BAKER was probably born on 17 Sep 1872, although there is a good bit of inconsistencies in the historical records. (Sources: Census Records, 1928 U.S. Passport, Texas Death Certificate and Find A Grave Memorial)

Besides Washington, Washington County, Myla BAKER lived in:

From as early as 12 Nov 1916 to as late as 20 Apr 1932 Myla BAKER was frequently mentioned in the San Antonio newspapers' Society pages.

On 14 Apr 1918, it was announced that Myla BAKER had bought a vacant corner lot in San Antonio for $125,000 cash. Was this the start of the San Antonio Baker Hotel Corporation? (Source: Business pages)

According to her 1928 U.S. Passport, Myla BAKER traveled to England, Netherlands, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, Italy and France between 13 Jul 1929 and 14 Sep 1929.

According to this New York Passenger List, Myla BAKER was in New York, New York, on 23 Sep 1929.

From as early as 4 Mar 1943 to 24 Mar 1948, Myla BAKER was involved in various lawsuits with her nephew, Earl BAKER. (Source: Texas Courts)

Prior to her death, Myla BAKER was living in the Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, Palo Pinto County, Texas, USA. (Source: Texas Death Certificate)

Myla BAKER died on 29 Mar 1950 in the Nazareth Hospital in Mineral Wells, Palo Pinto County, Texas, USA. (Source: Texas Death Certificate)

Elmira Myla BAKER was buried on 31 Mar 1950 in Evergreen Cemetery, Fort Scott, Bourbon County, Kansas, USA, along with six other family members. (Source: Myla BAKER's grave marker)

Please Note: I am not related to the Baker family. I simply bought Myla BAKER's passport in an antique store then created a web page about it.

Last updated: July 19, 2016

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