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Identified as a Lamp Cover!

Identified! 9 Aug 2003 - email from DP: "Thanks for posting those passport pages (I’m a stage manager working on Cabaret) you've saved me a couple of hours work there. Your glass object is a lamp cover from a theatre/cinema isle seat (if you have a dig around in that pile of trash you may find the cast iron parts of the seat), the hole is for the retaining screw." Original story

view of outside of lamp cover
This is a view of the outside of the lamp cover

view of inside of lamp cover
This is a view of the inside of the lamp cover

Original story: My husband found a glass object sticking out of a pile of trash pile thrown down the hill side of a North Texas road. Being inquisitive, he fished it out. It was not chipped or broken in any way. Not knowing what it was, he brought it back up to the car. It was an interesting shaped piece of glass, so we put it in the floorboard of the car and drove on. Later, in an antique store in Salado, Texas, I saw another one! The tag said, "Unknown - $5.00." Now I have a matched set. It must be worth millions!

It is clear glass about 7 3/4" wide, 3 5/8" tall, 1 1/8" deep, with an inside depth of 3/4". The sides are about 1/8" thick. The dark circle at the center bottom is indeed a hole; it would not hold water. The two circular areas about 1 3/4" in diameter. This diameter is just the right size for holding a 1 fluid ounce bottle of India ink. In fact, the container will not slip out of the area on its own.

I took photos, posted my story here, and asked the world to identify it. I even took the silly thing to someone who was familiar with this kind of glass, but he could not identify it. DP found my passport pages then after looking at my other pages, found this page. He was able to identify it. Amazing.

Remember, this is the World Wide Web. Thanks again, DP for emailing me this information.


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