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Spouse's Stained Glass Art

Lone Star with beveled glass and glue chip glass is about 19" square.

This one is about 8 1/2" square.

This project started with the little oblong pieces of aqua colored glass.

Finished in August 2007, this one was destined for friends as a thank you present. The colors are simple: red, green, blue and yellow. With the frame, this copper foil stained glass piece is just over 12" square.

This one was created for me with my initials as the design. This has been my "brand" since I was about 12 years old. The colors are red on a blue background. This copper foil stained glass piece is about 5.2" by 6.4" wide and has no frame.

Based on a quilt block called a Nine Patch for obvious reasons, this one combines red glass and a milky pink glass. This copper foil stained glass piece is about 3.7" square and has no frame.

Made of blue, green, red and yellow glass, this copper foil stained glass piece is about 7.4" square with frame.

This one was one of the earlier pieces made as a class room project. The colors are red, green, yellow and baby blue. This leaded stained glass piece with frame is about 15.7" by 19.7" wide.


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