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Same Pony?

In Nov 1956, my husband, Max, and his older sister, Dianne, had their photo taken while sitting on this little pony. Max says it might have been Wichita Falls, Wichita County, Texas or possibly Floydada, Floyd County, Texas, which is near Lubbock, Lubbock County, Texas. (Well, now I find out from Dianne that she remembers they were in Amarillo, Potter County, Texas. So, who knows?)


In Aug 2007, I ran across this photo on the web. It looked like the same pony! I emailed the web site and Nora responded. "The photo was taken of my big brother, Mike, around 1958 in Austin, (Travis County, Texas.) The owner was taking the horse down the street and asking people if they wanted photos of their children with the horse, so the photo was taken next to their house. The horses in those photos look very similar -- apparently, a lot of kids had their photos taken with horses in the ‘50s. We also have a baby photo of my brother on a horse."


Do you have a photo of this same pony? Email me your photo of this pony and your story and I will post it here.

Details that seem to match:

  • All those "silver" circles and squares on the headstall, tie down, and breast collar.
  • The number of circles on the tie down and breast collar.
  • Four white feet with the same proportion of white to black.
  • White mane without a white forelock
  • The white part of the pony in front of the rider's knees
  • The stirrup covers with the dainty points

Details that don't match:

  • The spot on the forehead
  • The white part of the pony in front of the rider's knee doesn't look like the same shape - close, but not the same.
  • The nose band has the "silver" squares, (did they all move over on one photo and get spaced out on the other?)


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