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Why Publish Bonnie's Clippings? Genealogy!

In June 2004, I acquired an album of newspaper clippings that had been stored for nearly 20 years. They had been compiled by Bonnarea "Bonnie" Janell FUQUA Phillips. The oldest one (so far) is from Feb 1959 and the most current one is from 1985, the year Bonnie died. The reason why Bonnie saved these particular newspaper clippings is unknown. We do know that at various times she subscribed to The Floyd County Hesperian-Beacon (Floydada, Floyd County, Texas, USA,) Jack County News (Jacksboro, Jack County, Texas, USA,) and Times Record News (Wichita Falls, Wichita County, Texas, USA.) Bonnie had friends and family in all three of these West Texas towns.

These newspaper clippings contain photos, anniversaries, birthdays, rewards, recognitions, and human interest stories. As such, these are sources of history and genealogy. I plan on estimating dates and places, then transcribing the text and publishing them on-line as time allows. To request an image of a clipping, email me and I will scan the clipping and publish it. To do that, I will need the Web address (http://freepages...) or title of the Web page.

I was going to index all the names, but I was quickly overwhelmed. Here is a partial listing.


Alldredege, Bob (26 May 1983)

Allen, Lloyd E. (20 Oct 1983

Baker, Raymond (Aug 1978)

Baker, William O. (Jun 1983)

Becker, J. W. (before 5 Nov 1981)

Bishop, Earl (Jan 1983)

Bond, Wilson Gordon (14 Jul 1983)


Cowboy born on Christmas Eve to celebrate first birthday at 80 (Dec 1983)


Ferguson, R. R. (Dec 1983)

Floydada High School Class of '73 (08 Sep 1983)

Fuqua, Carolyn (Nov 1978)

Fuqua, Carolyn Sellars (circa 1980)

Fuqua, M. C. (05 Jan 1984)

Fyffe, Cecile (unknown date)


Hale Insurance (03 Feb 1983)


Lewis, Rainey, Cardinal (unknown date)

Little Dribblers (21 Apr 1983)

Local woman writes book (01 Sep 1983)


Maloney, Fred (Feb 1959)

Marble, Bearden (16 Jun 1983)

Martin, Fred (Jun 1983)

McCravey, R. B. (Mar 1982)


Nichols, Louzilla (13 May 1982)


Odam, J. C. (Feb 1974)


Phillips, Joyce (circa 1966)

Playa Playboy Band (27 Oct 1983)

Powell, Parnell (May 1983)

Punky (unknown date)


Rocketts (Mar 1983)

Rogers, Wylie (unknown date)

Rucker, Ralph (Dec 1982)


Sandhill Store is last (08 Sep 1983)

Soap actress kills herself (07 Apr 1982)

Stewart, L. B. (10 Mar 1983)


Teague, James Earl (01 Dec 1983)

Turner, Doyle (Oct 1983)


Webb, W. (Apr 1983)

West, John Key (Jan 1983)

Williams, Alidine, Wanda (Nov 1983)

Woolsey, J. W. (unknown date)


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