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Genealogy Disclaimer

I first got interested in genealogy in the late 1960's when I was just a kid. It was just a school assignment - I had no idea it would become an enduring hobby. I asked for pedigree charts from various family members and was happy just to get names. I sometimes got more than names; I got dates, places, siblings, narratives. All were handwritten or typed (not on a computer) and some look like they were written on the fly from memory on scratch paper. Ecstatic by the amount of information, but unable to keep track of it all, I created my simple pedigree by hand and continued to collect any documents that came my way.

It was not until after I bought a computer and a genealogy program in the mid 1980's that I got some of the old family lore in order. With order, however, came distress and suspicion. I could no longer overlook the contradictions that memories had introduced. Names and/or dates were not only different from different sources, but many times they contradicted themselves in the same document. It was not until I started entering all this information in a computer did I realize how bad these documents were. Few of the documents had the author's name or the date when it was compiled, much less any other sources cited. I have researched some of the information, confirming some and introducing new "facts" that contradict others. The only way to present it is with a disclaimer. Live and learn; trust but verify. So, for what it is worth, I present "Rajordan's Relatives," or what I refer to as "My Family Lore."

That genealogy program? I paid all of $15.00 for Family Search (TM) Personal Ancestral File (PAF.) I still use an updated version of that program. It is now available for free at


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