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The Family Tree of
William Augusta DUNN and Lula BRYANT

Dated from 1829 to 1968
(edited for privacy reasons)

William Augusta Dunn* (1829-1908) married Lula Bryant. Their descendants are:

I. William Franklin Dunn (1850-1933) married Sarah Rainey

A. Leona Dunn (1874)

B. Mollie Dunn (1876)

C. Annie Dunn (1877-1962)

D. Trudy Dunn (1883-1962)

E. Grover Dunn (1885)

F. Elton Dunn (1889)

William Franklin Dunn married Rena Ann Bradley (1861-1929)

A. Susie Vera Dunn (1898) married James Rufus Williams

Susie Vera Dunn marred Clifford Boyd Broxton

Susie Vera Dunn marred Henery Roy Staples (1885)

II. Mary Ann Dunn (1858-1931) married E. W. Lee (___-1926)

A. George Lee (1876-1943) married Sudie Buchanan

III. A. Zinn Dunn (1860-1939) married Gertrude Gresham (1868-1946)

A. Miranda Ophelia Dunn (1883-1931) married Ed Ray

B. Lillie Mae Dunn (1886) married Thomas Franklin Prescott (1879-1958)

IV. Albert Dunn (1863-1888) married Salinda Phillips (1864-1929)

A. Phillips Son (1882-1882)

B. Phillips Daughter (1884-1884)

C. John Thomas Dunn (1885-1937) married Amanda Elizabeth Scott (1884)

D. Mary Maggie Dunn (1887) married Joseph Isah Gilbreath (1905) [sic]**

Mary Maggie Dunn married Pinkney Abraham Pittman (1886-1950)

V. Ambrose Wade Dunn (1865-1944) married Nora Ella Lusby (1867-1943)

A. Callie Lee Dunn (1887) married Lowry Aldine Williams (1884)

B. Don Franklin Dunn (1889) married Lillian Beatrice Crane (1896)

C. Claude Wade Dunn (1890) married Nancy Sybil Cox (1894)

D. Lola Ella Dunn (1892) married Robert Pyles Dixon (1890)

E. Stella Ann Dunn (1895-1915) married Will King

F. Oma Faye Dunn (1898) married Elmer L. Mullins (1896)

G. Jura Frances Dunn (1899) married Harmon Wesley Roberts (1895)

H. Joseph Newman Dunn (1902) married Grace Marie Fuqua (1905)

I. Gladys Mildred Dunn (1905) married Floyd Freeman Fuqua (1901)


* My genealogy files with sources and photos are located on RootsWeb. See William Augusta DUNN.

** Regarding this line:    

   D. Mary Maggie Dunn (1887) married Joseph Isah Gilbreath (1905)  

The date 1905 is in error. It cannot be interpreted as that Joseph Isah GILBREATH was born in 1905 or that he and Mary Maggie DUNN married in 1905 if they had a child in 1895 (Odie Orville GILBREATH.) It cannot be interpreted to be that he died in 1905 if they had a child in 1908 (Olga Aquilla GILBREATH.) 

In fact, I believe that Salinda PHILLIPS married Albert DUNN and they had John Thomas DUNN and Mary Maggie DUNN. I believe that Salinda PHILLIPS then married Joseph Isaac GILBREATH and had the five children listed above: “a son, Odie Orville GILBREATH, a daughter, Sweetie GILBREATH, and Olga Aquilla GILBREATH.” 

If the above is true, then Joseph Isah GILBREATH was not married to Mary Maggie DUNN. Joseph was Mary’s step-father. See Mary Maggie DUNN.


Last updated on January 17, 2014

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