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Clower Descendants

This is a descendants chart handwritten by my Great Grand Aunt, Mary Anna CLOWER Moore in November 1950. It covers eight generations, but for privacy reasons, I removed (photoshopped out) generations seven and eight. Suffice it to say that I am part of the eighth generation. The names in bold are my direct ancestors.


First Generation:

  1. Michael Klaur, later Americanized by spelling it Clower

Second Generation: Children of Michael Klaur / Clower:

  1. Daniel Clower
  2. Peter Clower
  3. Jacob Clower
  4. Michael Clower
  5. Jonathan Morgan Clower
  6. son, name unknown
  7. son, name unknown
  8. Catherine Clower

Third Generation: Children of Jonathan Morgan Clower:

  1. Elizabeth Clower - born on 3 Dec 1792
  2. Catherine Clower - born on 21 Nov 1794
  3. Marion Clower - born on 23 Mar 1797
  4. Mary Clower - born on 4 Mar 1799
  5. Delilah Clower - born on 26 Apr 1803
  6. Malinda Clower - born on 10 Jul 1809
  7. Jonathan Shular Clower was born on 10 Jul 1811 in Jasper County, Georgia. He died on 16 Sep 1855 in Bastrop, Louisiana.
  8. James Lawrence Clower
  9. Daniel Morgan Clower
  10. Lucretia Clower

Fourth Generation: Children of Jonathan Shular Clower:

  1. Daniel Morgan Clower
  2. James Madison Clower
  3. Mary Clower
  4. _
  5. _
  6. _
  7. _
  8. John Simpson Clower was born on 24 Dec 1848 in Bastrop, Louisiana. He died on 24 Feb 1894 in Nashville, Arkansas
  9. Andrew Clower
  10. Thomas Clower
  11. _
  12. Mary (Aunt Mollie) Clower

Fifth Generation: John Simpson Clower married Anna Parks. She was born on 25 Feb 1855 in Huntsville, Texas. Their children are:

  1. Florence Myrtle Clower was born on 21 Aug 1875 in Huntsville, Texas. She died on 5 Aug 1946 in Smackover, Arkansas.
  2. Willie Aubrey Clower
  3. Mary Anna Clower
  4. Lula May Clower
  5. Julia Clower
  6. Eugene Clower
  7. Esther Clower
  8. Ruth Clower

Sixth Generation: Children of Mary Anna Clower:

  1. Jessie Ervin
  2. Louanna Beatrice

Sixth Generation: Children of Lula May Clower:

  1. Douglas
  2. Clower
  3. Bruce
  4. Evans

Sixth Generation: Florence Myrtle Clower married Ira Terrell Key on 20 Apr 1895. He was born on 6 Sep 1870. He died on 28 Feb 1944. Their children are:

  1. Aubrey Terrell Key was born on 19 Jul 1896. He married Lois Erin Deason on 21 Apr 1924. She was born on 28 Aug 1902.
  2. Hugh Welburn Key
  3. Florence Anna Key was born on 7 Apr 1904. She married James Thomas Mayes on 2 Nov 1923. He was born on 30 Nov 1898. He died on 28 Feb 1947.


Notes: I was informed some time ago that George Clower, not Michael Klaur, should be listed as the first name in this document, but because this document was created in 1950 (and is older than I am), I have been very reluctant to let go of Michael Klaur as my ancestor. In Feb 2010, however, I found a Daniel Clower on Find A Grave, complete with a photo of his grave marker. There is a lot of information on Daniel's grave marker, some of which says:


Other records suggest that this is indeed the first Daniel Clower named above as a son of Michael Klaur, so the name Michael Klaur, is, in fact, probably in error. Nevertheless, Michael Klaur is the name at the top of this document, and, right or wrong, the document stands. In other words, WARNING! This document could be full of errors!


Last updated on January 17, 2014

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