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Same Background? Yes! At US Army Camp Hulen

This is Henry Loyd PHILLIPS in the US Army Camp Hulen which was near Palacios, Matagorda County, Texas. On the back was written "Camp Hulan June 1942."

One of Henry's children found this photo of Franklin Charles Micheals ( on the web and recognized the background. Frank's son, Chuck Micheals, had created the web page. When I contacted Chuck, he explained that his father was at Camp Hulen between March and July 1944.

On 15 Oct 2012 I received an email from David Veldt saying he had twp photos that were taken at Camp Hulen, too. He said, "My grandfather, John Veldt, was at Camp Hulen for Anti Aircraft Artillery training in October 1942." Even more bizarre? Chuck Micheals (just above) knows the Veldt family!

The name of this man is unknown. The photo is from Billy Hill's collection. 

This is Ralph Unglo, the Human Polar Bear. The photo is from Billy Hill's collection. 

From Billy Hill's collection. Jim Chandler's note: 'The caption reads, "W.C. Ashley, Ocilla, Ga." He was in the Battery 'A' cadre of the 455th AAA, when his unit was transferred from Hulen to Stewart.'


Go ahead. Compare the photos side by side. Do you have a photo of this same background? Email me your photo and your story and I will post it here.


Thank you Chuck Micheals ( for allowing me to publish your father's photo.

Thank you David Veldt for allowing me to publish your grandfather's photos.

Thank you Billy Hill for allowing me to publish photos from his collection.

Thank you Jim Chandler for forwarding the photos from Billy Hill.


Created on March 18, 2011

Last updated on January 17, 2014

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