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My Philosophy

Before I had the privilege of attending one of Jakob Nielsen's User Experience conferences, I discovered his Web site, Specifically, I really liked his May 1996 Web page on the "Original Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design." As of 3 Oct 2005, he published his "Top Ten Web Design Mistakes of 2005."

Because Nielsen's opinions make so much sense, all of my Web pages have:

Nielsen's Web site is chock full of interesting reading for any Webmaster or Webmistress.

Branding requires a logo. My logo is a small gif file of my initials R-A-J interconnected into a symbol I have been using since the late 1960's. (There. I dated myself.)

The Texas Flag line is another small gif file to show my "Don't Mess with Texas" attitude.

The Never Forget Ribbon is yet another small gif file to show my "Don't Mess with the USA" attitude.


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Texas Flag Line


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