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William "Bill" CHANCEY

William "Bill" CHANCEY was born about 1935. He died on 24 Jul 1905 in Caro, Nacogdoches County, Texas. Bill was buried in the Bodan Cemetery, Pollok, Angelina County, Texas.


Daily Sentinal, Nacogdoches County, Texas, 1905:

Friday, Jul 28, 1905 - USED A SHOT GUN - Wm. Chancey Was Shot and Killed By His Son-In-Law - Last night the little town of Caro was the scene of a tragedy wherein one good citizen was compelled to shoot and kill another. Thus adding another chapter to the history of crimes in Nacogdoches county. From parties who are well informed on the subject The Sentinel reporter was informed this morning that Wm. Chancey and his son-on-law, H. A. Poulan, became involved in a difficulty and Poulan had to shoot Chancey or be Killed. From an eye witness to the tragedy The Sentinel is furnished the following story: “Mr. Chancey came to the residence of Mr. Poulan last night about 8 o’clock and seemed to be angry with the entire family. He came in and began abusing Mrs. Poulan, and her children, and made several demonstrations as he would do them bodily harm. Seeing Poulan in the room it is alleged that Chancey pulled out a knife and started toward Poulan. Poulan backed up and asked Chancey not to advance, but he kept on coming. Poulan seeing that it was the intention of Chancey to commit murder as he thought, he (Poulan) took down a shot gun and told Chancey that if he took another step that he would be killed. This warning was not heeded and Poulan put the gun to his shoulder and fired. The full charge from the gun hit the intended victim and he was instantly killed.” Immediately after the killing Poulan went to an officer and surrendered and gave bond in the sum of $500 for his appearance. Mr. Poulan was in the city this morning and when The Sentinel reporter called on him for a statement of the unfortunate affair, he said that for the present that he did not wish to give out a statement but that his attorneys would to the talking for him. The reporter called on Mr. A. Chesnutt, counsel for Mr. Poulan, but Mr. Chesnutt was not in a talkative mood, and would not give out a statement. The remains of Mr. Wm. Chancey will be shipped to Bodan in Angelina county where the funeral services will be held tomorrow. [Funeral home records: Bill Chancey, died 27 Jul 1905, age 70 years].


Could not find a Texas Death Certificate or a record in the Texas Death Index. Was not listed in the Tombstone Record and a grave marker was not found. Could not find a possible match in 1900 or 1880 census records for either Chancey or Poulan.


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