The Apollo 13 Mission
(A Teenager's Scrapbook)
Newspaper Clippings from
5 Feb 1970 through 26 April 1970

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I was 14 years old. It was Earth Science Class, 8th grade. Our assignment was to make a scrapbook of the upcoming Apollo 13 Mission to the moon. No problem. My parents took both newspapers, the Corpus Christi Caller and the Corpus Christi Times. The hardest part, I figured, would be waiting until after my father was finished reading the papers.

Who would have figured that this particular mission would be filled with incredible stories?

  • Apollo 13 - Apollo XIII - Third Lunar Flight - Ten Days Round Trip

  • Captain James A. Lovell, Jr., the most experienced.

  • Lieutenant Commander Thomas "Ken" Mattingly, II, the bachelor

  • Fred W. Haise, Jr., the space rookie

  • German Measles - or Rubella - a "childhood disease"

  • John L. Swigert, Jr., the replacement

  • Income Taxes

  • Explosion - Short Circuit - Meteorite - Scrubbed - Aborted - Canceled - Crippled

  • Prayers - Worldwide Interest - Offers of Aid

  • Carbon Dioxide - Aquarius - The Lunar Module - Fuel Cells - Weather

  • The World Watches - The Families Watch

  • Working Around the Clock - Splashdown - Astronauts Safe

There are two Cover pages, a ten-page Table of Contents, pictures, diagrams, political cartoons, a three-page Index, plus 79 pages of clippings of newspaper articles:

Oh, and I got a 110 points and "Well done." from the teacher. I remember that the teacher asked if I would like to donate the scrapbook to the library or something and my first thought was, if they want it, then I want to keep it. Obviously, I have kept it all these years.

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